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born in 1975

From a company born in 1975 and successfully leading hosiery since then, with the experience, passion and research in finest yarns and advanced technology of over forty years, a team of designers creates Sarah Borghi and Borghi Uomo, a totally Made in Italy high quality and unique design brand of tights and socks celebrating an entrepreneurial tradition together with a vision of the future.

stylish detail

Sarah Borghi and Borghi Uomo turn hosiery and socks from a functional item to a stylish detail that makes the difference. Sarah Borghi and Borghi Uomo are thought for contemporary people, style conscious with a sharp look to trends, fashion (not) victims, playing with their look, creating it with their own personality.


Sarah Borghi and Borghi Uomo people accessorize and glamourize their look, with items with vibrant patterns and brilliant colors : socks and tights are now real accessories, defining and refining a final outfit, something fashion to enjoy and play easily with. In line with the times, and faithful to the rule “luxury is the opposite of vulgarity”, these brands are for people opting for a beauty to share rather than show – off.